Health Culture

Health Culture

Zhang Weike: 

On the same boat for ten years, I witnessed the way Tianfu took to struggle. Working here is as a fact of matter a process of creation – creating business, achievements, self value and obtaining happiness, content and work meaning in creation. 

Chen Xuehong: 

Life is long. As long as we march on, road will extend afar. Do not find excuse for failure, but find method for success. 

Lu Qiubing: 

There is no ordinary work but only ordinary attitude! I am confident and work hard. Thank Tianfu and thank everybody in the team! Tomorrow, we will continue to go ahead!!

Song Xiujuan: 

From getting the job non-lucidly to constant upgrading of qualities in all aspects and further to stepping into operation practice management gradually, 8 years has passed so quickly during which I felt fulfilled very much. Everybody needs a different platform. Everybody needs a different platform. The harvest in Tianfu is not only externally material, I also participate in some voluntary work within my power at all times. Donation for poor children also adds several vivacious impressions in my life walk……

Xie Danyi: 

In work, everybody has to grasp their own position. It is very important to have a mentality. Work is not merely for the pay, but also for growth and happiness!

Zhou Yi: 

We are always consistent on the way of work and life. We work attentively and live happily. It is hoped that the company development may bring individual development. 

Li Xue: 

Life itself has no meaning unless there is work; all work is hard unless there is knowledge; all knowledge is empty unless there is hot desire; all hot desires are blind unless there is love. Only work with love is embodiment of life. So let us work with love!

Li Huafang: 

From 2006 until now, as an ordinary shopping guide, I feel throughout the way that Fushuntang is already another home in my life. I am willing to work and live happily with all colleagues in the company growing increasingly. I love my home, I love Fushuntang!

Li Chenggang:

Tianfu makes know better concentration and centralized thinking. Time goes by quietly and unconsciously. When a custom is developed with effort, you will thank everything around your. 

Li Aobing: 

We should work attentively and adjust our mentality properly. We should work with a thanksgiving heart, experience happiness in work, do everything well and live everyday well. 

Liu Yuqin: 

Feel beautiful things with kindness, face life with smile and in an open way, succeed in business with struggle and enjoy life with beauty.  The ten years in Tianfu is a mixture of pain and happiness. 

Yang Ting: 

Work attentively and live happily. 

Li Xiangxiang: 

It is my honor to be an employee of Tianfu. The help from leaders and colleagues has accompanied me in work for the past several years. I love sales. In future, I will make more effort to make myself professional and spread to my customers. I love the life in Tianfu. Let me walk together with Tianfu!

Pan Yiqin: 

It is 7 years unconsciously since I joined in the company. During the 7 years, I saw the leaders develop the company into an increasingly stronger one. I am really happy! I am honored very much to be able to see the process of company growth and also feel very proud. It is hoped that the company develops better and better! In general, our duty is to do sales well under the leadership of our leaders. Let try best to do sales well in the best mentality!

Zhang Jing: 

Whether we are happy or not depends to a large degree on our custom in mind. Cultivating a happy state of mind is cultivating a happy custom and work will become a continuous feast! 

Li Nan: 

When I joined in Tianfu in 2003, I was a little girl having just graduated. Now I have become a strong, hardworking and tough woman. It is Tianfu that has changed me. Tianfu is my family member and a part of my life. It teaches me how to behave myself and do things. Looking back at the footprints during the 11 years, it is both plain and solid. Dribs and drabs seem to happen yesterday and will become my beautiful memory. A full load of memories has left in the most important position in my mind. I love Tianfu. I love my family member. In future I will be filled with sufficient power to advance bravely and continue to make unremitting effort, keeping forging ahead and create excellent results again!  

Yuan Huayun:

A bit of positive energy everyday is worthy of life and ourselves! It is much honored to work in Tianfu. May Tianfu bestow its favors to the whole world! May every colleague and their family members be healthy and happy!


Huang Xiang:

During several years, there was conflict, dispute between colleagues accidently. However, there is a common point, i.e. “focusing on a particular issue but not on a particular person”. There is no hate between people but only mutual forgiveness and personality that is forgotten in a short duration. Being able to work and study in such an environment, I feel very relaxed and happy. It is also my personal honor. 

Liu Bei:

Time goes by fast. In a moment, it is 7 years since I joined in Tianfu. Tianfu has not only made me learn how to work confidently and happily, but also made me learn thanksgiving. Thank colleagues for giving me help in work. Thank the company for giving me a stage to show myself. 

Su Xinliang: 

It is five years since I joined in the company. When I just entered the company, I was fuzzy and confused, having no idea about my positioning and no sufficient psychological preparation. I felt that logistics and warehousing management was vapid and dull, insipid. However, after a period of time, looking at my colleagues having full enthusiasm, strong will and plunging into work actively and wholeheartedly, I got power. Thank leaders very much for giving me care and encourage in work and thank colleagues for giving me help. Only because of your support, I was able to adapt to the job more quickly and made my contribution to the company. 

Jin Bao: 

During several years in Tianfu, thank the company very much for trusting me and for giving me a platform to study and grow. I have also made sure that any difficulty can be overcome and any problem can be solved whether in work or life. What you have to do is to relax your mind and treat calmly! May the colleagues in Tianfu have a happy life and innovate constantly in work to make new and better achievements. 

Xu Bin:

The company is an integral home. Though in different departments, the purpose to strive for the company to develop and grow is the same for everybody. This is so called division without separation. Therefore, we are not afraid of assuming responsibilities and dare to correct mistakes. The company development depends on everybody. I will do our work well with all my energy. 

Jiang Pingping:

During the ten years working in Tianfu, I have always been thanking God for being able to work for such a company like Tianfu. The spirit and philosophy of Tianfu allow me to be pleasant, happy from inner mind whether in work or life! Thank Tianfu enterprise! Thank the colleagues in Tianfu! 

Zhang Chunyuan: 

Being able to enjoy the process of growing together with the company is a king of happiness and pleasure. Tianful has not only given me a space to grow and a healthy life, but also taught me to be a person knowing, thanking and repaying favors. Everybody comes to the world barely. Without external favors, nobody could survive and develop. 

Zou Laihong:

I am Zou Laihou in MYKAL Head Office in Dalian. I have worked in the company for over ten years and I love my post very much. Everyday we communicate with consumers face to face. In the eyes of consumers, what we say and do represent the image of the company. Therefore, we should give us a high positioning first. We are Tianfu’s mouthpiece. At the same time, we are also a bridge and tie for consumers. Only us, who are first line salespersons, can establish a good communication relation with consumers and convey enterprise information out completely and accurately, better interpret the philosophy of “a good house should be equipped with good kitchen electrical appliances” to consumers! May customers come into existence in our warm smiles in future. 

Liu Jing:

I have worked for 3 months in Shanghai. I saw a lot of familiar strange colleagues whose voices and photos were heard and seen. There was a kind of feeling different from that in the past. Here I have the imagination about the new environment and also miss my family! 

Tan Xiaojing:      

Lu You said: “I always feel that what comes from paper is shallow and know that what is done personally is deep”. This is what I have obtained in study and work in Tianfu. The better method to solve a problem is what one gets from personal practice. It is so in life, work. 

Duan Weiwei: 

In the twinkling of eyes, it is 7 years since I joined in Tianfu. Slowly, I learn how to work with a mind of love and thanksgiving. Let’s learn to how to enjoy and love your work. Thus you will be happy and feel content. 

Jiang Liqing: 

Time goes by fast and ten years have passed. Thank Tianfu. The past is still in mind. Thank for all the warm friendship extended by leaders and colleagues when I felt very helpless during the ten years; thank for the eyes of forgiveness from leaders when encountering any frustration in work; thank for all encourages and trusts from leaders when meeting any bottleneck in work……During the ten years, in different posts and at different angles, we have had “common glory, common surpassing”. A thanksgiving mind thank for having you! Thank all those giving me love care in life! May Tianfu’s tomorrow become better and I will keep pace with Tianfu. Tenacity, diligence, generosity and benevolence is our behavioral purpose!

Wang Qiuyue: 

Time flies. I am very lucky to become an employee of Tianfu. I have spent 13 happy springs and autumns in Tianfu. I work and enjoy happiness. In my future work, I still cherish a thanksgiving mind and work conscientiously to repay the leaders who cultivate and care for me in work!

Yu Ying:

In Mar. 2003, I had the luck to join in Tianfu and we have walked together all the way since then. In the past 11 yeas, I have witnessed the development and growth of Tianfu and also experienced the most beautiful time in my life. Thank Tianfu. 

Zhang Fengjun:

Time flies. In twinkling of eyes, it is 10 years since I joined in the big family of Tianfu. From working as a driver at the very beginning to the present post in charge of cash business, I have experienced a lot during the period. Thank the leaders who have been caring for me and the colleagues who have helped in work. Thank you all sincerely. At the same time, I hope that Tianfu will have a better tomorrow. 

Zhao Lei:

The human life is like a long river. The only result of stop is being inundated by tedious hidden life waves. Only by negating the past constantly, can we face new challenges. Each selection and give-up is for realizing our dream and also for getting more applauses. 

Hu Bikun:

In Tianfu, I have experienced the most colorful 12 years in my life. A rotation of zodiac signs has brought infinite happiness to me. If we can do ordinary work with sufficient enthusiasm, we can also become the most excellent employees; if we do the noblest work with a cold attitude, we are only the most mediocre handymen. Thank Tianfu for hving me harvest work experience and life truth. Thank Tianfu for giving me the opportunity to work hard for Tianfu’s business! 

Yin Yanhui:

During the several years when I worked in Tianfu, I feel that the company is like a big family full of harmony everywhere. Employees help each other and everybody does each item of work with their full enthusiasm. 


Qu Yanhong: 

Be steadfast and sincere. Perfect and enrich myself constant, meet everyday challenges and meet every beautiful tomorrow belonging to us. 

Li Wencui: 

Time goes by fast. In a moment, I have worked and lived in 9 years in Tianfu. Seeing its changes year after years and feeling my growth year after year, I have endless touches and thanksgiving lingering in my mind. Working as a shopping guide for five years and as a supervisor for four years, I have learned how to persist in and show thanksgiving; in working and living together with the brothers and sisters, I have known that winning only comes from sincere team cooperate! Thank Tianfu who have guided me how to work and taught me how to behave myself even more! May the future of Tianfu be more splendid and I am proud of you! 

Ning Yun: 

Thinking is an essential factor that one person differs from another person and also an essential factor that one enterprise differs from another enterprise. Being successful eventually or not and the degree of success are not the most crucial. The most crucial thing is to do what is right and the ability to do things well. After entering Tianfu, my biggest gain is maturity and sublimation in thinking and integration with Tianfu in values. I hope that the future is better and I can create more value for Tianfu. 


Fu Chunlei: 

With four seasons cycling, time goes by fast. From a girl having just gone out from school, I have now become a mother. I walked through the ten-year period under the witness of Tianfu. In the ten years, I saw the splendor of Tianfu, experienced the warmness of my colleagues and felt my own growth. In future days, I hope to join hands with all of you to spend a wonderful time in Tianfu. 

Xiao Xue:

In a moment, I have worked in Tianfu for ten years. During the ten years, I turned from a little girl having just graduated from school to a wife and a mother and an old employee of Tianfu. I can say that it is Tianfu who saw me grow bit by bit. Gathering is a kind of karma. I feel it a great honor to become an employee of Tianfu and be able to work in a company who advances actively and where the leaders are considerate to subordinates, colleagues help each other and get along in harmony. I believe that the future of Tianfu will be better!

Xu Jing:

In the 7-year team life in Tianfu, I have felt much homelike fragrance and even more understood the value of accounting work=a portion of carefulness + a portion of patience + a portion of sense of responsibility. 

Qu Yanling:

Everyday I give myself a hope. I neither feel upset for tomorrow nor sigh for yesterday, but only work for a better today. I work enthusiastically, do good with a true heart, know thanksgiving and enjoy simple and happy life!

Ma Ying:

In Tianfu, you can regard work as life and art. Soon you will enjoy the happiness in work. 

Hou Jinfu:

The course from the passion at the beginning of Tianfu’s establishment to current life settlement is a mental growth process. It is a necessity that more people having karma come in this big family and have an integration of minds. I am very happy to walk with all of you together in wind and rain to meet the colorful rainbow! I sincerely hope that everybody in Tianfu can find the happiness and sweet dew due in life for self nourishment and benefiting other people.