About Tianfu

About Tianfu

  • Enterprise culture of Tianfu (China) Corporation


I. Behavioral purpose of Tianfu (China) Corporation and its employees: Self-discipline and Social Commitment.


II. Work purpose of Tianfu’s people: Seeking thorough understanding, earnest in conduct, sensible and kind, innovative and efficient   

  • Seeking thorough understanding – To be completely clear about what to do and to process and judge if our own actual capability is competent or can control. At the same time, identify effective methods to solve problems (do correct things and do things correctly) and be responsible for the results. 
  • Earnest in conduct – Execute and implement quickly on basis of thorough understanding and can check work correctness actively. 
  • Kind – Behave and do things in a clear, reasonable, kind and respectful manner; 
  • Innovative – Without innovation, there would be no great development; at any time there should be innovative thought and consciousness to be embodied in work. 
  • Efficient – Realize high work efficiency on basis of the above four items. 


III. Enterprise positioning of Tianfu: A professional brand operation and management company, a healthy enterprise of knowledge and research type. 

The meaning of a “healthy enterprise” includes the following four levels: 

  •  All products operated by Tianfu enterprise are healthy and beneficial to human life. The quality is guaranteed and responsible to consumers. What we sell are products of conscience. 

  • The operational and management behaviors of Tianfu enterprise are healthy. We operate faithfully, legally and in a green and environmental protection manner. We hold the philosophy of humanistic care and insist on the cultivation of a happy life. 

  • The contacts and external affairs of Tianfu enterprise are healthy. We select cooperative partners by taking credit as the most important principle and export healthy enterprise operation philosophies. 

  • The employees and their life of Tianfu enterprise are healthy and happy. A portion of virtue carries a portion of gain, and complete virtue carries complete gain. Implement the behavioral purpose of “tenacity, diligence, generosity and benevolence” in daily life and work and be pleasant and happy in work and in family life. Only in this way, can real happiness and healthiness be realized. 



VI. Advocate of Tianfu enterprise: What we do is brand, what we provide to customers and the society is service and not merely products. 


V. Operating goal of Tianfu enterprise: Create higher customer satisfaction  


VI. Management goal of Tianfu enterprise: Create higher employee satisfaction  


VII. Follow such a value chain as the second line serving the first line, the first line serving the terminal line, the terminal line serving customers to realize eventually good enterprise development and competitive advantage and form a healthy industrialized development gradually; 


VIII. Marketing purpose of Tianfu enterprise: Hold such a market purpose as regionalizing brand and culture, disseminating brand culture and initiating a healthy life.