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Tian Fu (China) the company's goal is through unremitting efforts to become the most professional, Chinese professional brand operation and management company. We attach great importance to personnel training and long-term human resources strategic reserves, in the future, we sincerely welcome a person with breadth of vision to join the day Fu and provide preferential treatment and prospects of good.

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Position: Marketing Supervisor (Dalian)

Responsibilities: work out market development plan, develop related work arranged by superior market (sales area to expand communication, agent management, expand channels of communication management, the existing marketing communication and coordination, work related activities and after the end of the summary, analysis, other work etc.).

Job requirements: 
1, With a strong market analysis, marketing, promotion ability, discovery, analysis and problem solving ability.
2, Good interpersonal communication, coordination ability, professional spirit, flexible.
3, Have distributor management experience preferred.
4, 25-35 years old, bachelor degree or above
Position: Project Information Management Supervisor (Dalian)

Job responsibilities: efficient execution, implementation, maintenance, supervision and complete the tasks assigned by marketing management, marketing planning and implementation, to promote the brand building maintenance, terminal construction guidance management, project information management.

Job requirements:

1, Familiar with the business operation process and operation mode characteristics.
2, Excellent and terminal promotion policy implementation, the formulation and analysis ability.
3, Planning and coordination ability, have good occupation accomplishment and team spirit.
4, Brand promotion work experience or related experience.
5, 25-35 years old, Bachelor degree. 
Position: Executive Manager (Dalian)

Job responsibilities:
1) Maintenance terminal construction management project promotion, new product;
2) The establishment and maintenance of brand image, to ensure the output and communication standard brand image;
3) The new marketing proposal, the implementation of all kinds of marketing activities, and sums up the perfect;
4) Familiar with the business operation process, excellent negotiation & communication skills, with the ability to open up the market.

Job requirements:
1) more than 2 years working experience in FMCG manufacturer;
2) work with passion, strong affinity, team consciousness and the ability to open up the market, strong execution.
Position: Recepition  (Dalian)

Job responsibilities:
1、Be responsible for visitor reception and telephone switching
2、Fax, print documents, send and receive letters express, newspaper, files etc.
3、Update and manage employee address and phone number.
4、Purchasing, management, issuing daily office supplies.
5、Daily report

 Job requirements:
1, the image of good temperament, height 165CM above, standard Mandarin
2, strong communication skills and execution ability, good coordination and cheerful personality, treat people sincerely
3, skilled use of OFFICE office software

Position: Warehouse management (Beijing)

Job description:

1, Responsible for warehouse health cleaning, goods stacking
2, Skilled use of office software, timely delivery, procedures for storage, inventory the end
3, In charge of spare parts supply;
4, Do a good job transfer, storage, archiving warehouse all the original documents.
5, The warehouse the goods receiving and inventory management, in strict accordanc with the process requirement of receiving goods;
6, Responsible for the cargo management order, security, integrity and availability of goods, partition storage management, ensure storage library appearance;
7, Finish the other work assigned by the leader

 Job requirements:
1, A high school degree or above, skilled in computer operation;
2, More than 2 years work experience;
3, Familiar with shipment material storage, possess professional knowledge and skills;
4, Positive work, a strong sense of responsibility, careful and meticulous work, has the team cooperation spirit.
5, In the daily chemical products company engaged in warehouse.