About Tianfu

About Tianfu


【Meaning of logo modeling】The whole shape is two ties combining together closely, representing the power of determination of the company to unit from top to bottom to create an integral team; the two colors represent respectively that the company and customers are linked together closely just like the two ties; the red color, blue color symbolize the sun and blue sky respectively. There is a distinctive spiritual style when being combining together and it is easy to identify. 

【Color constitution】The red color symbolizes that the company is full of enthusiasm and vitality, rich in aggressive spirit and challenging spirit; the blue color symbolizes maturity and steadiness and represents a good operation and management status and a healthy enterprise image of the company. 

 Origin of Tianfu                        


It is 11 years since our enterprise was initially established. At the first, the enterprise was only a hobbling “baby”. Now it is a juvenile full of vitality in primary school. Anyway it grows everyday. It is hoped that some day it will become a real country backbone. I always look at our Tianfu Company like this, hoping that it grows rapidly and having a worry that it falls and gets injured frequently. However, whose growth is not like this?!

The new Marketing and Soup has come out for several issues. I am very happy to see that it is growing strongly like a baby. Though a lot of problems exist, it does grow healthily!

On Aug. 1, when I was having dinner together with customers and friends in Tianfutang (Room) in Shanghai Jiuxingli Restaurant, I saw the classic old photos of a lot of brands under agency by the company, such as Kneipp, Bathclin, Lion, etc., it seemed to return to the memory in the past movie. In a moment, a feeling absent for a “long time” erupted… 

On the wall, there was a same picture frame telling the meaning of Tianfu. I had an idea, that was, when I returned to Dalian, I would write the origin of Tianfu to let all our employees know her history and also let all those who love and do not like but care about us know the origin of Tianfu. 

It dates back to a special event. In 1993, a naming master who was also a famous musician in China gave me name called “Jinfu”. I could not help being excited because the character “Fu” has a lot of meanings and the most principal one is happiness. It also has the meaning of leader and sheik. 

In 2000, we began to establish a company. At that time, name telling was very popular in some developed areas in China. At first, the address of the company was located in Dalian Hengyuan Hotel. It was heard that the hotel spent RMB 600 thousand yuan to invite someone from Hongkong to name for it. I thought we could not afford that cost. At that time, I did not know that GM Li had the knack of it. So I named for myself. In countless ideas, I eventually decided to use the trade name “Tianfu”, which means “do what we can and conform to God’s will”. It was hoped that God would bless the enterprise to have a good luck and that the company could become an industrial leader (this meaning was also taken into consideration). The enterprise logo was designed by ourselves: the whole figure was like two hands holding together. The upper side was in blue, having an implied meaning of blue sky. The lower side is in Chinese auspicious red, having an implied meaning of good luck. The trend was unification for upward development. It was also hoped that the enterprise would realize internal and external equilibrium and balance. So a Taiji pattern was used between T and F. Then the present enterprise logo which all of you are familiar with was developed. Some elements were also used including FREETIME. 

Until now, the enterprise has been advocating and pursuing such principles for doing things as “do what we can and conform to God’s will”, “let it be and value opportunities without forcing”. The base of business is “faith and fairness”. Operating a “healthy and beautiful” business is what Tianfu is willing to do. In today, I am very pleasant to see that more excellent personages are working hard and dedicating quietly in the enterprise. This is the good luck of Tianfu. 

At enterprise startup, the main people of the company did not get pays and salespersons only had RMB 500 yuan for living. At that time, the first Founder computer was purchased with money borrowed. In general, it was very hard. However, everybody was happy for teamwork, inward honesty, not caring self-interest too much, making a development by overcoming difficulties, feeling at ease for insisting on the principle of being faithful in doing business, etc…….

As the enterprise developed rapidly, various contradictions appeared. Some individuals began to show greediness, jealousy, grudge gradually. The team began to have unharmonious musical notes. Pursuit of power, money and sexual passion and extreme expansion of selfish desire began to grow rapidly like a malignant tumor in some people’s hearts. In development twinge of pain, the enterprise had to confront problems coming from inside and outside…… Dramatically, with “SARS” being gone completely, the malignant tumor in the enterprise was also being removed and the team was also recovering from disease…… 

It is hard for me to tell all Tianfu’s pioneering stories overnight. During which what I received more was gratitude, passion and encouragement. Especially, those honest and hardworking employees are the sturdiest foundation stone on which the enterprise is built. The operating purpose of faith and fairness is the fundamental of enterprise development power source. The supports and helps from cooperative partners and numerous friends constitute a virtuous guarantee for enterprise operation. 

I think that the only thing that we do but can not finish everyday from now on is “gratitude”. I am a person not good at recalling the past. But before problems and achievements, we have to reflect frequently if we have lost our fundamental in pursuing…… 

                                                                                             Hou Jinfu