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1. the terms of service


Any users of Dalian Tian Fu Commercial Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the website") data before, please carefully read this legal statement and service license agreement. Once you use this website provides contents, the user agrees to abide by the declaration and the terms of the agreement.


The user shall not be provided by this website information for any illegal purpose, or use such information in any way not conform to the following provisions.


2. the disclaimer


May not contain the latest information related to the website business publishing the information on this website. The accuracy, the information provided in this website effectiveness, timeliness or completeness of this company does not undertake any responsibility.


The information provided on this site, is for reference only, not for any commercial purposes. This site does not guarantee the accuracy of the information, validity, timeliness or completeness. This site and its employees shall not in any way on any information or send errors, inaccuracies or errors to users or any other person responsible for any direct or indirect responsibility. To the extent permitted by law, this site in this statement, any direct, indirect, incidental, special, subordinate, punitive or exemplary damages caused by not assume any person or use or not use the information provided on this site or any link or project compensation (including but not limited to, the expected revenue loss of profit or loss of business, did not achieve the expected savings).


The information provided on this site, if any prison in any jurisdiction areas for any person to use or distribute any person specified in violation of laws or regulations have the jurisdiction area of or lead to this web site or the third agent limited the jurisdiction area within the tube provisions, such information should not be in this jurisdiction areas for the use of any person or distribute to any such person. The user should guarantee not subject to any restriction or prohibition on use or distribution of this web site provides information of local regulations.


3. the protection of the right of privacy


(1) the user on the condition of anonymity to access this web site and access to information. To provide the relevant information in this website before requesting user, this website will explain the use of these information, some services require users to provide. Under normal circumstances, this kind of registration only requires the user to provide an email address. Sometimes this website also will ask the user to provide more information, this is done to make this website better understand the needs of the users, so as to provide a more effective service.


(2) if the user wants to use the site to be registered in order to provide service, the user must agree to the following: according to the prompt service registry provides user I true, correct and complete, the latest data, and update the registration information, ensure that it is true, accurate, current and complete information.


(3) the website will take security measures to protect user reasonable stored personal information, except in accordance with the mandatory provisions of law or government, before the user license, will not provide any personal information of the user to any unrelated third parties (including the company or individual).


(4) the user should be aware of: the web site may be legal requirements to disclose personal information, or has a good faith belief that such practices are necessary for the following:


(I) in accordance with the law or applicable to this web site and the company law, regulations and rules and regulations;


(II) to protect the site user rights or property;


(III) in case of emergency, in order to protect the personal and public security of this web site and its users.


4. intellectual property


Protected by this website carries the domain name, trademark,, text, voice and video content, graphics and images are subject to trademark and copyright laws, this web site without the prior written permission, any such part of the domain name, trade name, trademark, text, voice and video content, graphics and the image can be copied or transmitted in any form or manner.


5.the hyperlink


Without the company's prior written permission, any user may through its website and the website hyperlink.


6.change, suspend or terminate the service


(1) as required to suspend network services for system maintenance or upgrade needs, the company will be prior notice.


(2) such as the occurrence of any of the following circumstances, the website has the right to suspend or terminate the provide network service without notifying the user at any time, and refused to users on the present and the future use of the site services provided by the whole or any part of the:


(I) provide any error, false, outdated or incomplete or misleading information, or this website has reason to suspect that the data error, false, outdated or incomplete or misleading;


(II) the user violates the rules on the use of the provisions of this agreement.


(3) except as the case, this website also reserves the right to suspend or terminate all or part of the network service without prior notice in case the user rights, any loss to interrupt or terminate all service caused, the company without the user or any third Fang Chengdan any responsibility.




(1) the terms of this website will have the right to modify this agreement at any time, once the protocol content changes, we will suggest to modify the content to the user through the proper way.


(2) if you do not agree to the company by the change of this agreement, the user has the right to stop using the network service. If the user to use the network services, as user acceptance, the company by the change of this agreement.


8.the applicable law


This agreement is made, the implementation and interpretation and dispute settlement shall be applied China law.