Health Culture

Health Culture

Don’s impose what you do not want on others

Exam your own errors for any failure

                                           ——Responsibilities of Tianfu


Being responsible to consumers is our unconditional responsibility 

Introducing healthy, high-quality brands and bringing safe, effective products to consumers is our unconditional responsibility. 

Although a lot of foreign brands and domestic counterparts know Tianfu, Tianfu sometimes takes several years to introduce a brand. This is because we know that in addition to a long brand inheritance history, the criteria in our brand selection are not merely the notability of a brand abroad but also the brand production quality standard and actual effect, which is more important. 


Being responsible to employees is a due obligation and joint responsibility of Tianfu 

The business of Tianfu comes from the intelligence of Tianfu’s people. “Creating higher employee satisfaction” is one of the values of Tianfu. Tianfu stimulates employees to be brave in practicing and innovating to realize self value. Tianfu gathers the strength of all employees to accomplish a common goal.       

That the life and work of the employees of Tianfu are healthy and happy is our sincere hope. 

A part of virtue carries a part of gain and a full load of virtue carries a full load of gains. “Tenacity, diligence, generosity and benevolence” is not merely some diction of writers and poets and a calligraphic decoration hanged on walls, but is something implemented and embodied in our own work, life and behaviors. We contempt and disdain such kind of behavior as damaging others’ interests for one’s own interests or damaging other departments’ and even enterprise’s interests for the interests of one’s own department. Do not impose what you do not want on others. Know clearly about the deep meaning of gain and loss. The enterprise hopes that its employees are pleasant and happy in work and even more hope that the families of Tianfu’s people are pleasant and happy. Only this kind of happiness and healthiness is real. 

A family accumulating goodness must have superabundant good luck and a family accumulating evil have superabundant bad luck. 


Social innovation responsibility of a healthy enterprise of knowledge and research type

Tianfu, who is positioned as a healthy enterprise of knowledge and research type, studied and practiced innovation in business mode constantly at the very beginning of its establishment and has been taking this as a kind of social responsibility of its own. Under the big social environment, the enterprise should give play to its own advantages to attempt constantly innovation of operating mode develop while developing itself and bring wellbeing to its counterparts. 


 Education responsibility (internal training)

The enterprise establishes and perfects an internal marketer exam training system from the angle of traditional marketing specialty;and takes joint studying and cultivation of traditional Chinese cultural attainments as another important responsibility of the enterprise. 

Cultivating employees to love and respect their posts and careers and become industrial professional dabs meet the requirement of every employee and every family and the requirement of era development.  


 It is our unshirkable responsibility to operate by law 

It is an unshirkable responsibility of Tianfu enterprise to operate by law and operating by law is also a precondition to create a win-win situation. Being faithful and abiding by law is also the basic baseline of every enterprise.