Operating philosophy:

Be human centered, make profits in a righteous manner and take money last and virtue first

I. Assume the social responsibility of a brand operator

Provide healthy products: Strive to introduce international famous brands and expand market and provide the best quality products and services to consumers. 

Cultivate healthy employees: Let employees know how to work with love and upgrade themselves and make others happy through their own efforts. 

Establish healthy cooperative relations: Respect, serve production enterprises; guide, cultivate moral, optimistic and professional vendors and retailers. Assume and share enterprise duties and missions jointly. 

II. Value reward:

 A fair interest distribution system

Bring benefits to employees, repay the society

Develop healthily and cultivate professional, sincere and optimistic people

Promote industrial commercial quality upgrading actively


Beliefs we insist on: 

Healthy: Do not seek quick success and instant benefits, and develop the enterprise steadily and happily on basis of a sufficient guarantee in talents, funds and capabilities. 

Professional: Have professional product knowledge, marketing knowledge, distinct work flows and clear and definite work standards, become a post experts, an industrial expert. 

Optimistic: Pursue a true life and life significance. Have a better mentality to face achievements and frustrations in life. The ultimate goal of survival is not keeping alive but for a life with more values. Only a warmer life and a healthier body is a real happiness. 


We keep in mind: Altruism. The goal for which we do business is not for seeking quick success and instant benefits but for providing healthy products and growing with employees healthily——at the same time becoming rich both internally and externally.