Health Culture

Health Culture

Operational philosophy of Tianfu 

Tianfu enterprise advocates and spreads a healthy philosophy and takes provision of healthy products and sharing of healthy life as the goal and its own task. 


Cultivating enterprise employees to have a healthy and happy outlook on life and values 

By combining the hard system management with such soft cultural infiltration as humanistic care, etc., the enterprise cultivate attainments beneficial to the mind and body of the employees, such as abiding by laws, altruism, respecting people, filial piety, thrifty, sense of propriety, justice, honesty and honor, understanding cause and effect, etc. Let the employees experience fundamentally the healthiness of work, life (comprehensive physical and mental healthiness) and have a traditional Chinese virtue as tenacity, diligence, generosity and benevolence. Encourage the employees to bring well-beings to others by carrying out charity public welfare activities within their power. 


Enterprise culture deposition and dissemination 

As an organization of knowledge and research type, the enterprise stresses simultaneously brand strategic development and enterprise culture deposition. Through years of accumulation, it has now basically established a quite perfect management and operation mode and an internal training and talent cultivation mechanism. According to the requirements of the healthy enterprise philosophy, it puts into practice and implements Chinese traditional culture in all enterprise aspects gradually to give joint play to the role of system management and cultural deposition in enterprise development.  


 Enterprise system perfect management 

Perfect and complete enterprise management system, including several major modules such as personnel system and administration system, etc., for example:    

Structure, responsibility and power division, engagement, registration and probation, passing probation, contract flow, attendance checking and leave request management, pay and welfare management, assessment and incentive mechanism, training and internal training system construction and execution, reward and punishment, promotion and job level variation, retirement management, etc. in the personnel system. 

Purposes of the company, office system and discipline, attendance-checking management and flow, meeting systems, office supply management, business trip management, archive management, confidentiality, etc. in the administration system. 

Embody the work purpose of Tianfu in all work details: seeking thorough understanding, earnest in conduct, sensible and kind, innovative and efficient. Cultivate the ability to seek thorough understanding and be earnest in conduct through such specific systems as core indicator assessment, OEC (overall every control and clear), grid tool, work flow regularization, etc.   


Post platform and incentive mechanism 

The enterprise encourages upgrading and realizing of self value, develops a job fairness platform, develops and executes an effective incentive mechanism to upgrade capabilities, such as achieving company internal marketer job title through studying and assessment, achieving national professional job titles through national exams, achieving through transfer to same post, annual assessment……